The whole line was portrayed by Sergio Goglia photographer and it is composed by two models for men and one for women made in reindeer with a wide choice of colors and with a meticulous care to detail and finishing touches.
The exclusiveness of the product satisfy any request without placing any limits on the choice of carats precious stones, guaranteed by the high quality certified.

The skilled craftsmen don't neglect any step of the manufacturing process, from design to the selection of raw materials and the use of fine quality leathers from tanneries highly selected make these creations true masterpieces.
A production eco-sustainable, with manufacturing processes requires the use of ancient systems in naturally tanned where the glue is not prohibited in order to propose to the most discerning customers a shoes in harmony with the environment. A luxury accessible to a few in order to meet the particular needs of the most demanding customers that want to wear something that goes beyond the products realized until now.
Another additional element is the artistic contribution of the designer Francesco Papa, personally recruited by Salvatore Decristofaro.
The talented young artist carries out the draft whose style is based on the New York experience and on the street. The pictorial element, star of Decristofaro line, in addition to the floral trend this season's fashion 2014/2015 is the Heart of Howl: the Owl and the heart in order to represent their wisdom with the iconographic element of a heart encased within.
The owl is recognized for the innate patience while hunting, and who wears it shows a strong personality willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

Can be a sneaker comfortable and sporting and at the same time elegant and unique so much to be a real piece of art of contemporary luxury? For Decristofaro, yes it can.
It seems surreal, but instead the design of the new jewelry sneaker was designed and created by the neapolitan businessman Salvatore Decristofaro.
The talent that stands out in each of his creations, merges with the made in Italy of the craftsmanship quality that it is the heart of her namesake Company, which exports all over the world and where its success is conferred by producing international prestigious brands. Salvatore Decristofaro goes on and he dared overcoming limits with the new jewelry sneaker completely handmade: a limited edition inspired by minimal look, simple and comfortable of the '50s sport sneakers combined with a new concept of exclusivity, luxury and innovation. Hand-painted designs, precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds embedded in the woven, inserts white gold: all of these elements were never joined into a single sneaker.

Salvatore Decristofaro is able to break the rules and dare with a new concept of luxury. Behind this new line there is an accurate design and a careful study to create a final product that enclose innovation, craftsmanship and luxury.
“The new concept of a jewel sneaker was born only to bring out and spread the Made in Italy in the world, but it also means a challenge to myself because I wanted to put into play all my experience in order to create something unique that stand for the concept of luxury.
A product is not "luxury" only because it is expensive, but because it is made by a Company with coherent way production, such as the Decristofaro that makes of made in Italy and the craftsmanship its philosophy of a creative work.

This is why my Company constantly invests in the training of human resources, passing down the craftsmanship art to new generations. Being able to combine the art of Neapolitan footwear with the precision sartorial for care of details is our main prerogative", says Salvatore Decristofaro.
An overview that produces a marriage between past, present and future, where an unusual elegance overcomes fashions making a product unique and never flashy.
The purchase of the jewel sneaker can be made through a special mode available on the website